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City ordinance makes it illegal to abandon a vehicle on public or private property. Partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, or junked vehicles also may not be left within the city. State law defines an abandoned vehicle as, "a vehicle that is three (3) or more model years old and mechanically inoperable, and is left on private property for more than twenty (20) days." If a vehicle is tagged on private property and the owner makes no appointment within 20 days to show that it is operable, the vehicle may be towed and a $100 ticket could be issued to the owner.

Municipal code also requires parking vehicles (including cars, trucks, trailers, campers, boats, RVs, etc.) on approved surfaces, which are defined as: gravel, an area paved with asphalt or concrete, pervious pavement (block, concrete, similar modular pavers and grid pavers) or other approved all-weather hard surfaces free of overgrown vegetation. Violators can receive tickets of $100 per day, per violation.

Additionally, City Code requires all vehicles parked on private property and within public view to have valid license plates and current registration stickers. Vehicles without valid license plates or current registration tags will receive notice of the violation; tickets and even towing could result from non-compliance.

For additional information regarding parking violations and size limitations refer to City Ordinance 72.23 Parking in Residential Districts.

To make a complaint to Neighborhood Code about a vehicle on private property, call 311. An officer will be sent out within the next 2 working days to check the complaint. If you would like to submit a complaint electronically click here. If you would prefer to e-mail us, you may do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To report an abandoned or inoperable vehicle on a public street, please call Parking Enforcement at 311 or click here.

Please provide the following information when reporting an abandoned vehicle:
1. Address where the vehicle is located. (Exact address please.)
2. Is car in the grass or in the driveway?
3. Type, color, and year of car (if possible).
4. If available, a plate number would be helpful.

Waiver to Remove an Abandoned Vehicle from Property
If you are a property owner and there is an abandoned vehicle that you would like to have removed, you can sign a waiver asking for the vehicle to be removed. We will then tag the vehicle and remove it if it is still there after 3 days.

These waivers are available at the Neighborhood Code Office, and we will fax one to you if you call 311. You may also click on the Waiver Form, print it out, and mail it to us or bring it to our office.