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Q1. How do I schedule an appointment to meet with a Neighborhood Code Compliance (NCC) Officer?
Q2. When is my Hearing date?
Q3. How do I know if there is a case on a particular property?
Q4. What does it mean when a property is condemned?
Q5. I have no electricity/heat/water/gas. What will happen?
Q6. Do I have to attend the Hearing if my property has been brought to code?
Q7. What if I can't attend the Hearing?
Q8. Do I have to come into the office to submit a Housing Registration?
Q9. Why do I continue to receive notices from NCC when I no longer own the property?
Q10. My landlord won't fix anything. What can I do?
Q11. My landlord has turned off my heat/water/gas. Can you help me?
Q12. My landlord won't do anything, and I think I have mold. Can NCC help?
Q13. The house next to me has open windows and doors. What will be done and how soon?
Q14. My neighbor is operating a business out of his garage. Who can I contact about this?
Q15. My neighbor has a vehicle that has not moved. Who can I call, or what can be done?
Q16. Does NCC do anything about trees?
Q17. How tall does grass have to be before it can be posted and considered as weeds? 9 inches
Q18. I know someone who is hoarding. What can NCC do?
Q19. How do I request a work plan?

1. Call 311
2. Ask to be connected with NCC
3. Give the NCC representative the following information:
a. The address in question
b. The reason for the appointment
c. The day and time preference, Officer's schedules vary from day to day
1. Go to Community Development's homepage:www.fwcommunitydevelopment.org
2. Under the Code Enforcement tab, select "Orders to Repair" or "Orders to Demolish" depending upon the type of hearing.
a. There will be links for different hearing dates
b. Click on a specific date to view a list of addresses involved in that particular hearing
1. Go to the Allen County Citizens webpage:https://citizenaccess.acfw.net/citizenaccess
2. If you are a return user, Login account and enter:
a. User name or email
b. Password
3. For New Users:
c. Create account
d. Click Register for an Account at the top (far right) of the page
e. Read and accept the General Disclaimer
f. Enter applicable information
g. Login account and enter user name or email and password
4. Go to and click Code Enforcement (farthest Tab at the top of page)
h. Scroll down to General Search
5. Enter Case # from the NCC Notice sent or enter desired Address – click Search
i. Scroll down to find results – click Case # of the Address
To find additional case details, click the arrow to expand, under each area.
➢ Fees
➢ Case Status
A. Condemnation means that the property has been deemed unsafe and/or unfit for occupancy. This does not mean, however, that the property is for sale. The option to sell still resides with the property owner. If warranted though, a demolition case could also be in effect according to criteria defined in Indiana code 36-7-9-4
A. It is not safe or healthy to reside in a structure without electricity, heat, water, or gas in certain months. Either the
property will be immediately condemned if circumstances warrant or a reasonable timeframe will be offered to
the owner/occupant to obtain compliance.
A. It is not necessary to attend the Hearing if the noted violations have been brought to code. However, if you have
not received a "Brought to Code Letter" from NCC, contact NCC for confirmation
A. If the Property Owner is unable to attend the Hearing, an informed representative for the owner may attend
A. The housing registration is accessible on NCC's website along with step by step instructions
A. NCC is obligated by law to notify the listed owner of record via the Treasurer's Office. After the Treasurer's
Office records the New Property Owner, NCC will have the updated information, and the notices should stop.
A. After an acceptable amount of time is allowed for the landlord to make necessary repairs, you may contact NCC
to schedule an appointment for an Inspection by a NCC Officer. If NCC finds the property to be in violation, a
Notice will be sent to the Property Owner in an attempt to gain compliance. The property owner will be allotted
ample time to make the improvements and an opportunity to request additional time via a Work Plan.
A. After such a complaint is received, NCC will notify the Property Owner of the illegal issues involved. It is
standard to allow 7 days to rectify the problem. If the property owner does not comply within the 7 day allotted
timeframe, and the structure is occupied, the property will be condemned.
A. NCC does not test for mold. However, if the mold is visible, NCC will send a Notice of violation to the Property
Owner for resolution.
A. You may report open and assessable entries to NCC. If the situation is an emergency, NCC will order an
immediate board-up. Otherwise, they will send notification to the property owner with an established time
frame to comply.
A. If there is proof of a business being operated out of a residential structure, citizens may contact the Allen County
Zoning Department at 260-449-7607
A. Call NCC to report abandoned and inoperable vehicles on the lawn. NCC will tag the vehicle(s) that are in
violation with applicable instructions and timeframes for compliance.
A. Call 311 to report dead trees on private property only. NCC will determine if a tree could fall and damage property such as a home or vehicle. If so, NCC will call an arborist to certify that the entire tree is dead. If the entire tree is dead, NCC will mail the property owner of record a 30-day order to abate, or remove the dead tree. After 30 days, if the owner has not taken down the dead tree, the City’s contractor will remove it. The owner will then be charged for the cost of the removal.
A. NCC only posts privately owned residential and commercial properties. City Owned properties should be
referred to the City's Property Management Department. County Owned properties should be directed to the
Allen County Community Development Corporation (ACCDC).
A. If NCC is invited inside the structure, a thorough inspection will be attained. Citizens can also contact the Adult
Protective Services for assistance.
A. To create a work plan for your property, simply email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then staff will send
you the paperwork and answer any questions you might have.