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The City of Fort Wayne created the Commercial Façade Grant Program (CFG) to help businesses transform their buildings' facades and revitalize the City's corridors. The program provides a 50% matching grant to eligible businesses that are located within an Economic Development Target Area (EDTA). The purpose is to improve the appearance of their building and the surrounding site. By visually enhancing the exterior of buildings, businesses increase their property values, maintain their marketability, and demonstrate confidence. The CFG program works to assist those owners in promoting reinvestment, strengthening Fort Wayne’s commercial activity, and enhancing economic vitality in the city’s heart.  

Apply Now for a 2024 Commercial Façade Grant 

* We will no longer accept application submissions in phases.  Please ensure that you send all your supporting documents, as listed on your application and in the Program Guidelines, with your application at one time. Please note that a separate scope of work, in addition to your bids, is a required document.  It must be detailed and complete.  

** In addition to to submitting your online application, all potential projects must be reviewed in a New Projects Meeting to discuss all applicable regulations and necessary City and/or County permits. Please contact Christ Beebe to schedule your meeting at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Preparing the Application's Supporting Documents
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