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Recent changes to City Code now require all vehicles parked on private property and within public view to have valid license plates and current registration stickers.

At the request of neighborhood leaders, Neighborhood Code Compliance presented amendments to City Code last year to the Fort Wayne City Council for approval. One of those amendments requires all vehicles parked on private property, and visible from public property such as a sidewalk or the street, to have valid license plates.

Vehicles without valid license plates or current registration tags will receive notice of the violation; tickets and even towing could result from non-compliance.

Anyone wanting to report an unplated vehicle should call 311. Anyone who has received a notice of violation and is having difficulty getting a valid license plate and/or current registration tag should call the Neighborhood Code Compliance Department at 260-427-1163 or 311.

These regulations work in conjunction with existing laws about abandoned and inoperable vehicles. City Code requires all vehicles parked on private property within public view to be operable. Additionally, vehicles must be parked on approved surfaces, which are defined as: gravel, an area paved with asphalt or concrete, pervious pavement (block, concrete, similar modular pavers and grid pavers) or other approved all-weather hard surfaces free of overgrown vegetation.

Neighborhood Code Compliance ensures minimum housing and commercial standards are met in order to enhance the health and safety of Fort Wayne’s neighborhoods while improving property values and the quality of life for all citizens.