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October 18, 2022 - The City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Division and Fort Wayne Public Art Commission today commemorated the new “5 Point Spin” public art sculpture located at the center of the Five Points roundabout at Goshen Avenue and Sherman Boulevard.

The “5 Point Spin” sculpture, designed by artist Susan Zoccola, is a wheel-inspired sculptural “tree” that stands 24-feet tall and 21-feet wide. The sculpture includes three 12-foot branches that contain 15 spoke wheels reminiscent of automobile wheels from the early 1900s. The wheels are brightly colored and of varying sizes. The largest wheels are 6-feet in diameter.


“I want to thank the City of Fort Wayne for the honor of inviting me to create artwork here,” said Zoccola. “While dreaming up this sculpture for this unique spot, I imagined all the wheels that have traveled through this particular intersection. Fort Wayne is a city in an upward motion full of activity, energy, and movement. My hope is that it could evoke emotions of travel, journey, progress, change­­­ - and all on a foundation of a tree.”

The sculpture serves as a tribute to the historic Lincoln Highway and motorists who have travelled through the intersection over the last 100 years. Goshen Avenue was once part of the Lincoln Highway until 1928.

“The Public Art Commission is excited to see Susan Zoccola’s sculpture adorning this important gateway into the city,” said Public Art Commission Chair Lynette Reed. “It not only enhances the beauty of this area, but it also demonstrates our efforts to integrate more artwork into public improvements.”

The “5 Point Spin” public art project is part of the City’s recently completed Phase 1 of the Goshen Avenue reconstruction and modernization project. The first phase of the project was completed in October 2020.

“The Goshen Avenue project is a great example of a rural state highway being transformed into an urban street to accommodate the changing land uses in the area,” said Director of Public Works Shan Gunawardena.

The Goshen Avenue project included a conversion of the Five Points intersection, landscaping, improved drainage, new street lights and signalized intersection improvements, and the repair of existing sidewalks and curb ramps. New sidewalks were added in areas that were not previously connected.

The Northwest Area Partnership dedicated a portion of their Investing in Neighborhoods Now funds toward lighting and landscaping in the roundabout. These improvements will be completed in the spring 2023.

Additional information on the “5 Point Spin” sculpture and Fort Wayne’s Public Arts Commission can be found at fwcommunitydevelopment.org.