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The 2021 Housing Market Potential Study is an analysis of the potential market for new dwelling units within the City of Fort Wayne over the next five years.  It determines the target households who make up Fort Wayne’s potential market; the optimum residential mix of housing types corresponding to the housing preferences of the target households; and the broad rent and price ranges—derived from the financial capabilities of the target households—of new rental and for-sale housing units in the city.

The author of the study is Zimmerman/Volk Associates.

The study area is divided up within 7 zones plus Allen County and City of Fort Wayne to provide context.

  • Allen County in its entirety
  • City of Fort Wayne in its entirety
  • Downtown Fort Wayne Analysis (Zone A)
  • Southeast Fort Wayne Analysis (Zone B)
  • Southeast Fort Wayne Analysis (Zone C)
  • Individual Short-Form Analyses: Zones D, E, F and G


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Graphical Summaries of Information

Housing Study Scope



Full Reports