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corridor gatewayCorridor Planning

Fort Wayne has many older commercial corridors located within the central part of the city. These urban corridors are important to the community because of their character, urban development patterns, relationship to the surrounding neighborhood, pedestrian oriented streetscapes, and distinct urban architecture and form. These corridors were historically developed with a mixture of residential and commercial uses and served as the "main street" for many of the city's urban neighborhoods.

The City works with business and neighborhood groups to help stabilize and revitalize these urban commercial corridors. Types of improvements that the city can assist with include sidewalk and pedestrian scale street lighting, street trees, and help with business association development. The city can also assist groups and property owners with rezoning commercial corridors to a more traditional mixed-use zoning.  The UC-Urban Commercial Corridor District (formerly called CM5C) is a zoning classification that allows for and encourages mixed uses with a focus on neighborhood oriented commercial and personal services.  Click HERE to download The Urban Corridor (UC) Fact Sheet.

Commercial Corridors that the city has assisted in the past include: Broadway, Calhoun Street (South), East State, North Anthony, Pontiac, Wells Street and part of West Main Street.

Gateway Planning

Certain corridors also act as primary gateways into the City of Fort Wayne. Recognizing the importance of enhancing these gateway corridors as a means of promoting Fort Wayne to visitors and investors, the City developed the Front Door Fort Wayne (Gateway) Plan. This plan includes short-term and long range recommendations to improve the function and aesthetics of existing and future gateways. Policies adopted by Common Council in April 2012 focus on continued maintenance, branding, complete streets, and better wayfinding. The Front Door Plan focuses on gateways leading in and out of the Central Business District, in and out of Fort Wayne (including at interchange areas), and leading from the airport to downtown.  Implementation projects are currently underway. Read Gateway Strategy FAQS for additional information.

Corridor Projects Underway

Lafayette Street
Broadway Corridor
Fairfield Corridor
Bluffton/Lower Huntington Corridor Improvement Plan 
South Anthony Corridor Grade Separation
Wells Street Corridor

Gateway Projects Underway
Elevate Fort Wayne (overpasses)